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Real Estate Check-Up

Real Estate Check-Up


Our Tenant Representation team can support you with our “Real Estate Check-Up”. It provides an in depth perspective and economic & functional evaluation of the company’s lease and leasehold space. The comprehensive review includes

1. An economic snapshot, overview, and market comparison of the active lease;

2. A review of how well the leasehold space and building are meeting the organization’s objectives and requirements today as well as the anticipated future;

3. Conclusions, custom strategies & options introduced and discussed.

Lease Review and Abstract of Business Clauses

1. Economics of rent, added rent, and escalations

2. Useable and rentable square feet of space

3. Lease expiration date

4. Tenant options

5. Landlord options

6. Exit provisions

7. Landlord/Tenant responsibilities

8. Required approvals on business sale or assignments

Economic Snapshot & Market Option Analysis

1. Rent and added rent “all in” calculations

2. Lease rent vs. market rent comparison opinion

Space Size & Configuration Evaluation

1. Evaluation of current space size and allotments

2. ‘Right-Sizing’ exercise to identify today’s ideal space size and allotments

3. Discussion of potential future expansions or contractions

Current Building & Premises Evaluation

1. Building image

2. Quality of building common areas (inside and out)

3. Location/visibility of building and space

4. Ability to grow or contract

5. Size of building

6. Building shortcomings and hardships

7. Synergies with landlord and other tenants

8. Current vacancies and marketing terms

9. Quality of finishes to Tenant’s space

10, Amenities at building, amenities at location

11. Parking availability & convenience

Conclusions, Potential Options, and Strategies

1. “Real Estate Check Up” conclusions and review

2. Discussion of Company objectives and requirements

3. General lease negotiation strategies and tips

4. Recommendations, options, strategies, and timelines

About Denise Sherman

Denise Sherman served in the Army as a Logistics Officer and now serves her community as a REALTOR® with Carrow Real Estate Services.  She combines her love for the industry with her passion for helping first-time homeowners and business owners make good real estate decisions.   Our Tenant Representation team based in Albany, New York will develop a strategy to understand your objectives and accomplish your goals.   We look forward to serving your family or businesses as well.

Send a request if you need to know how your current lease rent compares to the current market rent.

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