Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

Find the right space for your business

Protecting our client’s best interests is our number one priority. Our team with Carrow Real Estate Services, developed an integrated advisory approach, matching each client’s business objectives with their commercial real estate needs. This unique, cutting-edge approach allows our clients to gain a powerful advantage in maximizing the value of their real estate operations.  Tenant Representation services include strategy development, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, logistic/distribution services, market analysis, cost of occupancy analyses, and negotiations.

We service tenants in New York as well as across the nation to meet their renewal or relocation requirements.  We educate our clients about the space’s footprint, potential costs over and above the lease price, and other factors that help them make the best decision they can make.

Tenant Representative

We help identify office space needs and negotiate with the landlord or landlord representative. Our professional fee is paid by the leasing agent when we represent you as your Tenant Representative.


We create leverage for our clients to secure favorable renewals.  Many times, landlords will not give concessions if they are certain the tenant will stay. So, in order to get the best results, we have found that tenants should treat the renewal process the same way as if they were planning to move. This means going through the site selection process, even if you don’t think you intend to relocate. 


Our team provides our clients with knowledge, time, and commitment to assist you in leasing a new site for your business.  Our market knowledge, strategic problem-solving abilities, and our expert leasing team will effectively create and leverage opportunities in the marketplace.   

We assist new and established business owners with their commercial space requirements to run their company.  We look forward to supporting your needs with valuable solutions to your business.

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