About Denise

About Denise

From Boots to Business; Denise Sherman is a REALTOR® who combines her love for the industry with her passion for helping businesses grow.  Her team enjoys the role of Commercial Space Consultants because they get the opportunity to assist new and experienced business owners locate a home for their business.   They will develop a workplace strategy to understand the company’s mission and business objectives as well as recognizing what is needed to best support their employees.

Before getting into the real estate business in 2014, Denise was serving in the Army as a Logistics Officer.  She is an active Commercial and Residential Agent with Carrow Real Estate Services, who is part of team that serves the business and residential community.  Denise’s team helps businesses find the right location space for their business as well as representing residential buyers and sellers on a day-to-day basis – an important part of her role as a REALTOR®.  Denise is a graduate of Grantham University with a MBA – Business Administration.

Denise enjoys speaking on subjects to help encourage individuals along their journey in life such as military service members on “Life After Serving”; transition into the civilian life or families who are raising a child with autism. She believes it is important to share our life experiences to help and encourage others.

Denise’s mission to building the community involves:

Autism Awareness – Her passion stems from raising a child with autism. She joined Parent to Parent of New York State as a Support Parent to help other families who are raising children with a disability.

Veteran Mentorship – After serving in the military she wanted to continue supporting our troops by partnering with Saratoga County Veterans Peer to Peer Connection as a mentor to continue supporting our veterans.

“There is no end to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” – Colin Powell

The “credit others” mindset is fundamental for impactful leadership. If something goes well and people notice, they already know you’re the leader and played an important part in the success. You don’t need to remind them. Instead, take every opportunity to highlight the work of those who aren’t in the spotlight. People respect leaders who make them feel valued, and that value is much more important than an outsider’s opinion.
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