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About Denise Sherman, Tenant Consultant

Denise Sherman served in the Army as a Logistics Officer and now serves her community as a REALTOR® with Carrow Real Estate Services.  She combines her love for the industry with her passion for helping businesses grow.  Her team enjoys the role of Commercial Space Consultants because they get the opportunity to assist new and experienced business owners locate a home for their business and make good real estate decisions.   They will develop a workplace strategy to understand the company’s mission and business objectives as well as recognizing what is needed to best support their employees.   We look forward to serving your businesses as well.


Commercial Tenant’s Guide for COVID-19 Rent Relief Options

The entire world is suffering due to the pandemic. As medical health experts reported that this disease could spread from person to person, most of the countries announced a complete lock down to prevent trouble. The business sector is undergoing huge losses due to COVID-19 as employees are following protocol and staying at home. The […]

Home Seller Services

We are a full-service real estate company and who markets homes to all home buyers across the nation. Below are some of our free services offered to sell your home fast for top dollar and an opportunity to sign up and learn more. Price Trend Market Analysis – will help you know how the market […]

What to Expect When Buying REO Properties

REO properties, which translate to real estate-owned homes, are being hailed as the all-time-favorite of investors and entrepreneurs. If you have your eyes on any of these properties and want to finalize a deal with a profitable margin, there are a few areas that must be walked through prior to the final purchase. What is […]

7 Tips On What Not To Do During The Process Of Purchasing Your Home

As a first-time home buyer begins the journey to buying a lovely home, you probably think buying a home is all about getting the money, making the deposit and moving into your home.  Of course, it is easy to make mistakes being your first time of purchasing a home.  Here are some crucial steps for […]

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